“Zombie Boy” – The Tattooed Star!

He’s a model, artist, and living work of art. He speaks out against bullying and in favor of being different. He’s Rick Genest, aka Zombie Boy, and he is so much more than just his appearance. Although his full-body tattoos that give him the appearance of a skeleton or zombie certainly get him a lot of attention, he was discovered by Nicola Formichetti of Thierry Mugler, and was instantly her muse. He has expanded his career from runway modeling to being a spokesperson for Derma Blend makeup and their message of looking beyond one’s cover. He acts in movies, such as 47Ronin, and is currently the face of Rocaware Europe. He seems unstoppable.

Why is he so well loved in a world where people with facial tattoos and full-body tattoos, while becoming more accepted, are still faced with discrimination and judgment? He is a living symbol of not judging a book by a cover, and how a person can overcome judgment, bullying, and obstacles to make a dream life for themselves, if they’ll only work hard enough and keep their heart open to it. While he still deals with the occasional person who, when he holds a door open for them, will go out of their way to use the farthest door possible, he is living to what many seems like the dream, and using his platform to spread good cheer and messages.

Would You Hire Someone With A Tattoo?

If the applicant who has come for an interview for a position in your company were covered with tattoos and piercings, would you hire him? While your first reaction may be “NO”, think twice before saying that! The tattoo craze is so rife that employers have to get used to hiring people who have body art. This is because there might be talent covered in “that ink”.

The college institutions, universities and other such places now-a-days have a large number of student population that have tattoos at some or the other place. Sometimes these tattoos are concealed, but when you see them in a gym, you will be amazed to see that there is hardly a young student who doesn’t have a tattoo. Some of them have large tattoos that cover their arms, backs, or neck, while some have small ones.

Interestingly the craze has gone so far that some students have even presented business ideas on how to launch apps for tattoos and how to earn royalties from those.

Most of the students who are pursuing a degree want to work with big corporates after the completion of their programs. The question is how will they convince their prospective employers about their tattoos?

Would You Trust Someone To Tattoo Your Eyeballs?

About six years ago in Ontario, the trend of tattooing one’s eyeballs was born. Shannon Larratt, LunaCobra, Paul Mowery, and Josh Rahn developed and pioneered the realm of “eyeball tattooing”, also known as “scleral tattooing”. Since, very few tattoo artists in the world have begun practicing the procedure, which is still in experimental stages. While practicing on fresh pig eyes from the butcher has helped some artists learn to do the procedure with skill and minimal complications, all who decide to get their eyeballs tattooed face the risk of blindness, or complete loss of the eyes. The fact that long-term risks and effects of the procedure is not making it any more popular.

However, it is catching on around with world with extreme body modifiers, such as 39-year-old Rodrigo Fernando of Brazil, who had the whites of both of his eyes tattooed black. Those who risk it all, like Rodrigo, to have the procedure done, which is actually injection-based, not really tattooing per say, enjoy the “beautiful” effects created by the contrast between ink and the natural color of one’s irises. They often consider it a way to “complete” their body modifications, as they explore the final frontier in tattooing. Could eyeball tattoos be taking the place of facial tattoos as the most taboo tattoo? You decide.

Would You Tattoo Your Pet?

Lately there has been some controversy in the news and on the web about whether or not it is humane to tattoo pets. It all started over one veteran tattoo artist in North Carolina giving his puppy a unique design on its stomach for “identification purposes” about 3 months ago. Many people were outraged at this, and called it animal cruelty. However, others didn’t agree that it was cruel, referencing the fact that many pets are tattooed every year in America with numbers they are then registered with the National Dog Registry with for ID purposes. Rabbits, particularly those that are show rabbits, often get their ears tattooed to prevent theft, or to help them be found if they are lost.

In China, some fish that are to be sold as pets get tattooed with lasers – words for good luck, good fortune, and long life. The fish are sold then at twice the price of non-tattooed pet fish. Also in China, pigs are getting tattooed and sold to “collectors”. The pigs are under sedatives during the process, and it is said that they never even know the tattoos are being done or are there. Many animal activists still advocate the fact that there is a very real difference between giving an animal a very small tattoo under sedatives for identification and registry purposes, and in giving an animal a large, intricate tattoo purely for the visual interest. The debate is ongoing, and doesn’t look like it will be cooling down any time soon.

Why Tattoo-Themed Reality Are Shows So Popular Now?

It’s no secret that tattoos are fast becoming the stars of all the new reality shows. It seems like every network is in on it: TLC features Miami Ink, LA Ink, and America’s Worst Tattoos, Oxygen has Best Ink, and will soon have Break Up Tattoos. Meanwhile Spike shows Ink Master, Permanent Mark, and Nightmare Tattoos, and A&E is getting in on the trend with Inked. Why do people tune into these shows, which there is quite obviously a growing audience for? Some people tuning in are just collectors of their own right, and enjoy watching for ideas, and for the art aspect of the shows. Some are fascinated by what possessed others to get the horrible tattoos featured on shows like America’s Worst Tattoos and Nightmare Tattoos, and others, perhaps, are satisfying their curiosity about tattoos in general, and the culture of tattoo parlors and their clients.

Everyone seems to have their own reason for being fascinated by watching others go under the needle. However one thing is for sure; the new parade of tattoo reality shows on various TV networks is helping tattoos become more widely acceptable, less taboo, and sort of main stream. Some people like this fact, while others would prefer tattoos stay the symbol of rebellion and youth.

Wanting A White Ink Tat?

White ink tattoos have been growing more popular in recent years due to the growing number of celebs sporting white ink tats. People that choose to get white ink tattoos choose them for a number of reasons. Some choose them because their work place isn’t tolerant of noticeable body art, yet they really crave a tattoo. Others choose white ink tattoos because they like the scarred, or sometimes “branded”, look of the tattoos. Some even say they look like prettier versions of birthmarks. If a person has chosen a deeply personal tattoo and doesn’t want to constantly have to explain it, a white ink tattoo can be a great choice because they are typically not very noticeable.

While white ink tattoos are growing more popular with body art enthusiasts and with people getting their first tattoos, some tattoo artists refuse to do them. The healed appearance of white tattoos is often not what is imagined by the customer. Often, white tattoos tend to blend in more with the skin and not appear very white after healing. All tattoos can have a bit of a splotchy appearance sometimes due to variations of the depth of the ink- this shows up much worse with lighter colored tattoos, such as white or yellow.

UV Ink Tattoos Gaining Popularity

Popular with rock stars, and clubbers, the trend known as “black light tattoos” is also growing more and more popular with every day body art lovers. UV ink tattoos come in a variety of colors, and white UV ink tattoos are virtually invisible if they are not exposed to a black light. This makes white UV ink tattoos especially popular with people who do not want to be very showy about their tats due to a conservative family, or workplace that isn’t tattoo friendly. A really popular trend with UV ink tattoos is to get most of the tattoo done in ordinary tattoo ink, and then get contrasting colored UV ink accents to add a whole new dimension to the tattoo at parties. If you are considering going this route, keep in mind that colored UV ink does show up normally, as regular tattoo ink does, in normal light.

Are UV ink tattoos safe?

No long-term studies have been done on the effects of UV ink tattoos on the skin. However, the best UV ink is “microencapsulated”, meaning the actual UV ink is encapsulated inside of tiny microscopic containers, and the UV ink itself does not actually touch the skin. Some believe that this reduces any health risks associated with the tats. UV ink tattoos should be done by a tattoo artist with a good track record and experience with them, as UV ink is a little thinner and harder to work with than regular inks. UV tattoos tend to be a little more expensive for this reason.

Toe Tattoos – For Those Who Want Tattoos For Themselves

Although tattoos are becoming more and more widely acceptable, some people still don’t want to take the jump into getting ink that is highly visible. This is one reason that people are starting to opt for toe tattoos. Another is that they just wish for their body art to have unique placement, and they just don’t want anything large. Everyone has their own threshold for pain, and those who get tattoos typically can stand more than most. However, many people who have opted for toe tattoos say that they tend to hurt much more than those in other locations, such fleshier areas of the body.

All tattoos need to be properly taken care of after they are finished in order to keep them clean, and to ensure that they heal properly. This can be a little more difficult when it comes to toe tattoos if a person is athletic, or just doesn’t keep their feet very hygienic. After getting a toe tattoo, it is important to keep it in mind when you choose footwear, because over—exposure to the sun can fade the ink in any tattoo.

Tired of Your Makeup Smudging? – Try Cosmetic Tattooing

Nothing is more frustrating to more women than working for hours to get perfectly ready for an evening out on the town, just to have their makeup smudge and smear. Plastic surgery businesses and professional tattooists have a way to solve this issue. Permanent makeup or tattooed on makeup is made possible with a process called micro pigmentation. The process is just like getting a regular tattoo- there will be a patch test, a discussion with the professional on color choice, a sterile pen will sketch the area to be tattooed, and an anesthetic will be put on the skin. A hollow needle is then used to deposit the color into the top layer of the skin.

Things to keep in mind

It takes about 3 weeks for the cosmetic tattoo to fade to its permanent color. Also, you should always check y our tattooist’s credentials, and ask to speak with former clients about their experience. Cosmetic tattooing may be a fast growing part of the health and beauty industry, but it is not for the faint of heart, or those who like to change around their makeup looks often. The face is one of the most sensitive places to have tattooed, and redness and swelling may persist for some time after the procedure. A cold compress can help.


Tattoos and Sex Appeal

While there are still plenty of conservatives out there who would disagree, the general consensus seems to be that tattoos enhances a person’s sex appeal, within reason. Face tattoos, and full-body ones seem to fall a bit outside of this idea. However, even a small tattoo can show to others that a person isn’t afraid to take a walk on the wild side now and again. To many, it’s a beautiful form of self-expression, and many others dig it when the opposite sex has tattoos because it shows that they can handle a little bit of pain.

Some see women or men with tattoos completely covering their bodies and think ahead in life, choosing to believe that while they make look good now, they’ll be extremely unattractive later in life. Some people have the mistaken viewpoint that all who go under the needle are lusting for attention, which obviously isn’t true, as many people get tattoos with private meanings simply to remind themselves of another person or time. However, tattoos as sexy seems to becoming very mainstream, very fast, and many people feel pressured to get a tattoo to be seen as laid back and attractive. Whether a person sees tattoos as increasing sex appeal or not, it’s always important to consider long term affects, and whether you are really getting your art for the right reasons.