Amazing 3-D Tattoos

3-D tattoos are nothing new. However, they are a pretty interesting take on standard ink. Many people decide to get 3-D tattoos simply because they are more visually appealing, or interesting. It also helps that they are a little more noticeable than the standard quote or symbol tattoo. One more meaningful reason a person may choose a 3-D tattoo is to make a statement to the world about who they really are, or what’s inside of their body. For example, someone who feels as if they are empty inside may get a tattoo of a zipper, half unzipped, revealing total blackness. Someone people get 3-D tattoos of words carved into stone that blends into their skin, to show their strength and their beliefs.

As with all styles of tattoos, some people get 3-D tattoos just to try to be cool- such as a slashed open chest with a Spiderman costumer peeking through, or a ripped open arm to reveal metal and gear work that gives the impression of being a bionic man. A really interesting, and kind use of 3-D tattoos that was on CNN news recently is by a Baltimore-area tattoo artist Vinnie Myers, who has been using his skill at 3-D tattoos to give women who have suffered from breast cancer the appearance of realistic nipples, which boosts their confidence and makes them feel complete again.

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