Where Do Men And Women Like Their Tattoos?

The onset of summer brings forth a heavy flow of tattoo enthusiasts to the tattoo salons. Men and women love to flaunt their bodies with beautiful body art, as they wear lesser or lighter clothes! Well, whatever is the reason, summer does bring in the exhibition of vibrant body art. And its not just men who want to get tattooed, women show equal interest.

As for preferences on where to get it inked, men still go with the convention – they like to get tattoos on their shoulders or back. Women, on the other hand, don’t have such inhibitions and get tattoos on various parts of their bodies including the nape, lower back, hands, legs, shoulders and stomach. Some men also like to get their chests tattooed.

While earlier people stuck to traditional designs and rarely ventured into getting unique designs, these days the trend has changed. A large number of tattoo enthusiasts don’t want common designs on their bodies. They take this form of body art seriously and look for unique images – tattoos that only they have.

So where are you planning to get tattooed this summer? Just don’t follow Kerry Katona and save your bum!

places for tattoos

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