Romantic Tattoo For David Beckham This Marriage Anniversary

David Beckham is known to lavishly spend on his marriage anniversaries to make the day really special for Victoria. In one such event he flew her to place unknown in a private jet filled with rose petals. This year to celebrate their 14th wedding anniversary, he is again planning to do something special and wants this anniversary to be the best so far. He is planning to get a tattoo dedicated to his wife. Did you know that David already has an impressive collection of tattoos on his body?

The couple together has four children – 3 sons and a daughter who is the youngest. However, they are not thinking of ruling out the possibility of adding more to their family.

Even though both Victoria and David is a busy couple with their own businesses to look after, they make time for each other. Wherever they go together, they try to enjoy as many romantic dates as possible. Recently they visited China where Victoria had to promote her new fashion line. This was one of those rare trips where their children didn’t accompany them, and so they had plenty of dates and romantic dinners.

david and victoria

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