New Technology To Remove Tattoos

Removing tattoos was a painful process and it took almost two years before it got removed entirely. But now, with new technology, this process has been reduced to few months only.

According to Dr. Amy Derick, Dermatologist, “If you think of the tattoo pigment like a rock, basically the laser comes in and shakes the rock.” Earlier the pigment was broken into “pebbles” and the immune system would take care of washing these away. Now this new technology shakes the pigment so much that it breaks into “sand” and the immune system finds it easier to remove the pigment. It was Dr. Derik who first introduced this technique called PicoSure in Chicago. Just like the old technology, this helps in breaking the pigment by delivering a sharp ray of energy, but with a powerful punch.

The energy is given for a small period of time, but it is so strong that the pigment used for tattoo, blasts. However, you should be aware that this quick treatment doesn’t come without some pain. You get a burning sensation when laser hits the tattoo.

People who would benefit from this technology are the ones who have got bored of their old tattoos and want new ones, or those whose office rules don’t allow body art.

New Technology

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