Is Your Tattoo Offensive?

Tattoos look beautiful especially if you have the right tattoo at the right place. However, if you have offensive words like “I <3 Strippers” written on the front of your neck, you are bound to catch attention. Chances are people with kids may find it difficult to sit with you. We are talking here about Christian way of bringing up children. Well, if you love strippers, you needn’t be public about this feeling. A similar incident occurred with Mike McKeown who was banned from entering a restaurant after the owner of the restaurant saw that his “I <3 Strippers” tattoo was gaining unusual attention from vulnerable kids.

The question is should restaurants or other public places be able to ban tattoo enthusiasts? The answer is very subjective. If you have tattoos, it doesn’t mean you are a rebel. You are welcome to get any type of tattoo on your body. But you also have to be responsible for your actions. This is what parents teach us since the beginning – be ready for the consequences of your deeds. In other words, be responsible because you may set examples to others.

Get a tattoo that is pleasant, for which everyone compliments. It should be acceptable to the adults as well as the kids.

offensive tattoo

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