Would You Hire Someone With A Tattoo?

If the applicant who has come for an interview for a position in your company were covered with tattoos and piercings, would you hire him? While your first reaction may be “NO”, think twice before saying that! The tattoo craze is so rife that employers have to get used to hiring people who have body art. This is because there might be talent covered in “that ink”.

The college institutions, universities and other such places now-a-days have a large number of student population that have tattoos at some or the other place. Sometimes these tattoos are concealed, but when you see them in a gym, you will be amazed to see that there is hardly a young student who doesn’t have a tattoo. Some of them have large tattoos that cover their arms, backs, or neck, while some have small ones.

Interestingly the craze has gone so far that some students have even presented business ideas on how to launch apps for tattoos and how to earn royalties from those.

Most of the students who are pursuing a degree want to work with big corporates after the completion of their programs. The question is how will they convince their prospective employers about their tattoos?

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