Would You Tattoo Your Pet?

Lately there has been some controversy in the news and on the web about whether or not it is humane to tattoo pets. It all started over one veteran tattoo artist in North Carolina giving his puppy a unique design on its stomach for “identification purposes” about 3 months ago. Many people were outraged at this, and called it animal cruelty. However, others didn’t agree that it was cruel, referencing the fact that many pets are tattooed every year in America with numbers they are then registered with the National Dog Registry with for ID purposes. Rabbits, particularly those that are show rabbits, often get their ears tattooed to prevent theft, or to help them be found if they are lost.

In China, some fish that are to be sold as pets get tattooed with lasers – words for good luck, good fortune, and long life. The fish are sold then at twice the price of non-tattooed pet fish. Also in China, pigs are getting tattooed and sold to “collectors”. The pigs are under sedatives during the process, and it is said that they never even know the tattoos are being done or are there. Many animal activists still advocate the fact that there is a very real difference between giving an animal a very small tattoo under sedatives for identification and registry purposes, and in giving an animal a large, intricate tattoo purely for the visual interest. The debate is ongoing, and doesn’t look like it will be cooling down any time soon.

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