Why Tattoo-Themed Reality Are Shows So Popular Now?

It’s no secret that tattoos are fast becoming the stars of all the new reality shows. It seems like every network is in on it: TLC features Miami Ink, LA Ink, and America’s Worst Tattoos, Oxygen has Best Ink, and will soon have Break Up Tattoos. Meanwhile Spike shows Ink Master, Permanent Mark, and Nightmare Tattoos, and A&E is getting in on the trend with Inked. Why do people tune into these shows, which there is quite obviously a growing audience for? Some people tuning in are just collectors of their own right, and enjoy watching for ideas, and for the art aspect of the shows. Some are fascinated by what possessed others to get the horrible tattoos featured on shows like America’s Worst Tattoos and Nightmare Tattoos, and others, perhaps, are satisfying their curiosity about tattoos in general, and the culture of tattoo parlors and their clients.

Everyone seems to have their own reason for being fascinated by watching others go under the needle. However one thing is for sure; the new parade of tattoo reality shows on various TV networks is helping tattoos become more widely acceptable, less taboo, and sort of main stream. Some people like this fact, while others would prefer tattoos stay the symbol of rebellion and youth.

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