Wanting A White Ink Tat?

White ink tattoos have been growing more popular in recent years due to the growing number of celebs sporting white ink tats. People that choose to get white ink tattoos choose them for a number of reasons. Some choose them because their work place isn’t tolerant of noticeable body art, yet they really crave a tattoo. Others choose white ink tattoos because they like the scarred, or sometimes “branded”, look of the tattoos. Some even say they look like prettier versions of birthmarks. If a person has chosen a deeply personal tattoo and doesn’t want to constantly have to explain it, a white ink tattoo can be a great choice because they are typically not very noticeable.

While white ink tattoos are growing more popular with body art enthusiasts and with people getting their first tattoos, some tattoo artists refuse to do them. The healed appearance of white tattoos is often not what is imagined by the customer. Often, white tattoos tend to blend in more with the skin and not appear very white after healing. All tattoos can have a bit of a splotchy appearance sometimes due to variations of the depth of the ink- this shows up much worse with lighter colored tattoos, such as white or yellow.

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