UV Ink Tattoos Gaining Popularity

Popular with rock stars, and clubbers, the trend known as “black light tattoos” is also growing more and more popular with every day body art lovers. UV ink tattoos come in a variety of colors, and white UV ink tattoos are virtually invisible if they are not exposed to a black light. This makes white UV ink tattoos especially popular with people who do not want to be very showy about their tats due to a conservative family, or workplace that isn’t tattoo friendly. A really popular trend with UV ink tattoos is to get most of the tattoo done in ordinary tattoo ink, and then get contrasting colored UV ink accents to add a whole new dimension to the tattoo at parties. If you are considering going this route, keep in mind that colored UV ink does show up normally, as regular tattoo ink does, in normal light.

Are UV ink tattoos safe?

No long-term studies have been done on the effects of UV ink tattoos on the skin. However, the best UV ink is “microencapsulated”, meaning the actual UV ink is encapsulated inside of tiny microscopic containers, and the UV ink itself does not actually touch the skin. Some believe that this reduces any health risks associated with the tats. UV ink tattoos should be done by a tattoo artist with a good track record and experience with them, as UV ink is a little thinner and harder to work with than regular inks. UV tattoos tend to be a little more expensive for this reason.

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