Tattoo Aftercare Tips

Tattoo aftercare can sometimes be confusing. However, if you do not follow proper tattoo aftercare you risk infections, and damage to your new tattoo. Your artist is not responsible for infections or discolorations caused by improper tattoo aftercare on your part. It is your responsibility to keep your tattoo clean and make sure that it heals properly. This can be a bit overwhelming when you consider that, these days, it seems that every tattoo artists tells their clients something different.

Some key tips that never vary are to leave the bandage that your artist places on the tattoo for at least two hours. The purpose is to prevent air-borne bacteria from invading your new ink. To keep the tattoo clean, it should be washed with a gentle antibacterial, or antimicrobial soap- generic brands actually tend to be gentler for this. Your hand is your best tool for the job. Gently wash away any slimy texture, as that is most likely plasma, which will dry and form scabs over your tattoo. The tat should be gently dried with a clean paper towel, whatever ointment recommended by your artist can then be applied in a very thin layer. Ointment that is too thick can smother the tattoo.

It is important not to soak your tattoo, although showers are fine, and to protect it from direct sunlight. If you use lotion to keep the skin soft, use one that is fragrance and dye free to avoid irritation. It is absolutely vital that you do not pick at any scabbing and peeling- doing so can cause permanent damage to your art.

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