“Skinvertising” – Super or Stupid?

“Skinvertising” is a common slang term for selling space on one’s skin for money. Some people desperate for money have been allowing businesses to purchase “real estate” on their skin for large monetary fees. Most people wouldn’t dream of doing such a thing. Many consider it humiliating, or to be giving up one’s sense of self and individuality- becoming a literal sellout, in a sense. However, those who partake in “Skinvertising” have their reasons, and many see the act as a quick way out of financial troubles and into fast cash. One man, known as the “human billboard” has been living his life with logos for previously popular porn websites on his face and body for years. One woman was desperate enough to give her young son a private school education that she got GoldenPalace.com tattooed across her forehead in bold black letters for only $10,000. It is slightly less extreme, but another man from southern California created an ad campaign on YouTube called “Ad Me” using airbrushed logos on his face and neck. His goal was to solicit buyers to purchase space on his body to finish paying for his education.

Many wouldn’t dream of using their bodies in such a way. However, there are people out there desperate enough to do it. It is highly uncommon for large brands to purchase space on sellers’ skin because they fear the negative backlash that such an action would receive; many consider companies that purchase “Skinvertising” space on those willing to sell it cruel, and to be taking advantage of these peoples’ struggles. While “Skinvertising” doesn’t seem to be getting any more popular, it doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon, either.

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