Modeling with Tattoos

While girls with tattoos aren’t always the first to get hired for a shoot, the niche is actually growing. Many tattoo magazines don’t yet accept girls with tattoos for shoots such as fashion editorials. “Tattoo models” are becoming more and more famous in their own right. For example, look at the Suicide Girls- they are featured on a rapidly growing website, and get paid to show off their tattoos in both sexy and creative ways. As tattoos are seen less and less as taboo, and more and more as “sexy”, any aspiring model with tattoos (that would like to openly model for them) should really keep her eyes peeled to make certain that opportunities are reputable. Showing off the art, and her skills, is not like just showing off her body.

If you have tattoos, but want to be more of a commercial or fashion model, it’s not impossible to do. The best thing to do is be up front to agents about your tattoos, and to know how to effectively cover them for when they aren’t suited to a certain shoot.  This can be done with various makeups and techniques; you just need to take the time to learn what works best for your tat and skin tone. As long as the tattoos aren’t going to interfere with the shots they need, most agencies won’t completely pass up a girl because of them. However, if this is the side of modeling you truly aspiring for, it’s not exactly ideal to go getting more of them- if you do, make sure you clear it with your agency first.

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