Is Tattoo Addiction a Reality?

While tattoo addiction has never been fully researched, or proven to be a real medical condition, millions of people around the world cite it as the reason they are inked all over. Among most tattoo lovers, there is no real debate about the fact that once a person gets their first tattoo, they seem almost guaranteed to get another. In fact, 32% of people who have tattoos claim they are addicted to the ink, according to If people can be addicted to sugar, drugs, alcohol, pain, adrenaline, the internet, playing video games, gambling, fast food, and shopping, it stands to reason that they could be addicted to tattoos as well.

What is it that keeps people coming back for more tattoos even though the process is undeniably painful, expensive, and time consuming? Some say they are addicted to the feeling they get while the tattoo is being done; some have even gone so far as to compare it to therapy. Meanwhile others consider themselves “collectors” of body art, and are addicted to growing the assortment of artwork on their bodies. Tattoo enthusiasts often say they enjoy the adrenaline, the “rush”, of getting the tattoo.

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