Fingernail and Nail Bed Tattoos

Fingernail Tattoos are known as the only true temporary tattoo, and also as the only truly painless tattoos. They eventually disappear as your nails grow out and are trimmed, and it’s hard to find a tattoo artist that will actually do them. The process is fast, and all the client feels is a vibrating sensation. Afterwards, the finger is rinsed and a clear coat of polish is placed over the nail. They are typically inexpensive, as they are small and quick to do. Fingernail tattoos can be for you if you are looking for a temporary thrill and a tattoo that you don’t have to keep forever.

Nail bed tattoos are typically called “finger nail tattoos” but they are different. They are usually done when someone has accidentally damaged and lost a fingernail or toe nail, and they are considered some of the most extremely painful tattoos you can get. They are permanent, and the appearance once the nail grows back is a bit distorted as is seen through the nail, but overall pretty interesting. Like with a fingernail tattoo, it may be difficult to find a tattoo artist willing to do the job. They are one of the most unique forms of tattoos, and pretty uncommon. Aftercare may be a bit different than that of an ordinary tattoo as the exposed nail bed area can be extremely sensitive; specifics of this should be discussed thoroughly with the artist.

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