Facial Tattoos Becoming Popular?

While body tattoos are continuously becoming more accepted and popular around the world. A fierce debate about facial tattoos rages on. Ever since a young woman in Russia, named Lesya, allowed her boyfriend of one day to tattoo his name across her the width of her face in 5 inch letters in gothic script, things have gotten even more heated. She says it’s all for love, and a “symbol of their eternal devotion”. Others have called it a travesty. After this event hit headlines, questions about whether facial tattoos are becoming popular and why people get facial tattoos began popping up all over the Internet.

Some say that getting a facial tattoo is the boldest and most ideal way to make an individual statement to the world. Someone who gets a facial tattoo may even consider it a platform for speaking out about not judging people for their appearances, as “Zombie Boy” does. For others, facial tattoos have religious significance, such as tribal or Celtic facial tattoos. People also occasionally make the mistake of deciding on a facial tattoo while intoxicated make a decision that can be completely life altering.

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