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Facial Tattoos Becoming Popular?

While body tattoos are continuously becoming more accepted and popular around the world. A fierce debate about facial tattoos rages on. Ever since a young woman in Russia, named Lesya, allowed her boyfriend of one day to tattoo his name across her the width of her face in 5 inch letters in gothic script, things have gotten even more heated. She says it’s all for love, and a “symbol of their eternal devotion”. Others have called it a travesty. After this event hit headlines, questions about whether facial tattoos are becoming popular and why people get facial tattoos began popping up all over the Internet.

Some say that getting a facial tattoo is the boldest and most ideal way to make an individual statement to the world. Someone who gets a facial tattoo may even consider it a platform for speaking out about not judging people for their appearances, as “Zombie Boy” does. For others, facial tattoos have religious significance, such as tribal or Celtic facial tattoos. People also occasionally make the mistake of deciding on a facial tattoo while intoxicated make a decision that can be completely life altering.

Bad Tattoo Cover-up

Whether it’s a tattoo of an ex lover’s name, or a first tattoo that didn’t turn out quite as expected, many tattoo lovers feel the urge to cover up a tattoo at some point in their lives. Many people don’t like admitting that their tattoo is a mistake, but they don’t need to suffer through continuous attention to and questions about the tattoo. There are a number of ways to cover up an unwanted tattoo without having to go through the rigorous and expensive process of laser tattoo removal.

Tattoo concealers, such as Dermablend, work nicely if you only wish to cover up a tattoo temporarily. While it may add a little extra time getting ready in the morning, it can provide a near-perfect plain skin appearance to the area for the time that you wish to appear not to have the tattoo. The option that most people go with for covering a tattoo permanently is getting a cover up tattoo. Cover up tattoos work best when the shape of the original tattoo is taken into account when determining the size, shape, and image of the new tattoo. High contrast, bold colors can also be helpful in drawing the eye away from, and in disguising, the original tattoo.

Amazing 3-D Tattoos

3-D tattoos are nothing new. However, they are a pretty interesting take on standard ink. Many people decide to get 3-D tattoos simply because they are more visually appealing, or interesting. It also helps that they are a little more noticeable than the standard quote or symbol tattoo. One more meaningful reason a person may choose a 3-D tattoo is to make a statement to the world about who they really are, or what’s inside of their body. For example, someone who feels as if they are empty inside may get a tattoo of a zipper, half unzipped, revealing total blackness. Someone people get 3-D tattoos of words carved into stone that blends into their skin, to show their strength and their beliefs.

As with all styles of tattoos, some people get 3-D tattoos just to try to be cool- such as a slashed open chest with a Spiderman costumer peeking through, or a ripped open arm to reveal metal and gear work that gives the impression of being a bionic man. A really interesting, and kind use of 3-D tattoos that was on CNN news recently is by a Baltimore-area tattoo artist Vinnie Myers, who has been using his skill at 3-D tattoos to give women who have suffered from breast cancer the appearance of realistic nipples, which boosts their confidence and makes them feel complete again.

Where Do Men And Women Like Their Tattoos?

The onset of summer brings forth a heavy flow of tattoo enthusiasts to the tattoo salons. Men and women love to flaunt their bodies with beautiful body art, as they wear lesser or lighter clothes! Well, whatever is the reason, summer does bring in the exhibition of vibrant body art. And its not just men who want to get tattooed, women show equal interest.

As for preferences on where to get it inked, men still go with the convention – they like to get tattoos on their shoulders or back. Women, on the other hand, don’t have such inhibitions and get tattoos on various parts of their bodies including the nape, lower back, hands, legs, shoulders and stomach. Some men also like to get their chests tattooed.

While earlier people stuck to traditional designs and rarely ventured into getting unique designs, these days the trend has changed. A large number of tattoo enthusiasts don’t want common designs on their bodies. They take this form of body art seriously and look for unique images – tattoos that only they have.

So where are you planning to get tattooed this summer? Just don’t follow Kerry Katona and save your bum!

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