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Natural Balm for Tattoos

Just after you have got a tattoo, that area of the skin becomes dry and you experience burning sensation. While there are several lotions and balms that are petroleum jelly based, only a few tattoo balms are made with natural ingredients. The natural tattoo balms contain antioxidants and antimicrobial properties in a botanical base. You can use these tattoo balms at your tattoo artist’s discretion.

Most natural tattoo balms contain beeswax combined with an oily base. For example in some you may find olive oil, rice bran oil, wheat germ oil, coconut oil or Shea butter. In some balms you may also find essential oils like rosemary oil, tea tree oil or eucalyptus oil. Vitamin E is also an essential ingredient of tattoo balms as it conditions the skin while extending the shelf life of the balm.

All these formulations cater to skins that have just removed the tattoo or have just acquired one. These balms can also be applied on the existing tattoos to brighten up them. Most of these balms are available over the counter and you don’t need medical prescriptions for them.

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Ministry Warns Of Risks Associated With Tattoos

Ministry of Health in New Zealand is warning all those individuals who are planning to get a tattoo about the risks involved with tattooing inks that contain heavy metals. Governments across the world have issued similar warnings.

People who do not take proper care or have poor hygiene habits are at a greater risk of developing some diseases. Obviously if you’ve just got a tattoo inked, then good hygiene practices will ensure that the spread of diseases such as Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C is arrested.

On a separate note, getting a tattoo from a roadside, unpopular shop, is definitely an invitation to these diseases. If you have really made up your mind, then make sure that you go to a reputed tattoo parlor.

There is also a risk from the chemicals that are contained in the tattoo ink. According to a recent survey done by Ministry of Health, it was seen that although most of the tattoo inks met the stipulated guidelines for levels of heavy metals, some of them violated these guidelines and contained chemicals much higher than the recommended levels.

So if you are planning a tattoo, do your homework about how your tattoo designer will handle infection risks.

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Is Your Tattoo Offensive?

Tattoos look beautiful especially if you have the right tattoo at the right place. However, if you have offensive words like “I <3 Strippers” written on the front of your neck, you are bound to catch attention. Chances are people with kids may find it difficult to sit with you. We are talking here about Christian way of bringing up children. Well, if you love strippers, you needn’t be public about this feeling. A similar incident occurred with Mike McKeown who was banned from entering a restaurant after the owner of the restaurant saw that his “I <3 Strippers” tattoo was gaining unusual attention from vulnerable kids.

The question is should restaurants or other public places be able to ban tattoo enthusiasts? The answer is very subjective. If you have tattoos, it doesn’t mean you are a rebel. You are welcome to get any type of tattoo on your body. But you also have to be responsible for your actions. This is what parents teach us since the beginning – be ready for the consequences of your deeds. In other words, be responsible because you may set examples to others.

Get a tattoo that is pleasant, for which everyone compliments. It should be acceptable to the adults as well as the kids.

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Has Kristen Stewart Got A Tattoo After Breaking Up With Rob?

It seems Kristen Stewart is making impulsive decisions. After she broke up with Robert Pattinson, she was seen sporting a few tattoos on her body. She was flashing her secret tattoos on July 2 when she was coming out of Le Costes restaurant in Paris. These mysterious tattoos include a small infinity symbol on her right wrist and four short, straight lines on her left wrist.

While it is difficult to speculate why she had infinity tattoo on her right wrist, media is speculating that the four lines on the left wrist was the logo of the 70’s punk music band Black Flag, which highlighted the feelings of poverty, fear and social loneliness. Probably Stewart is also identifying similar feelings post breakup with Rob.

She got herself tattooed at Pride & Glory Tattoo Parlor in Nashville, Tenn. She wanted a minimalistic approach to the designs.

Whatever are her reasons to get the body art, it sure looks cool. She is moving on!