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Tattoos and Sex Appeal

While there are still plenty of conservatives out there who would disagree, the general consensus seems to be that tattoos enhances a person’s sex appeal, within reason. Face tattoos, and full-body ones seem to fall a bit outside of this idea. However, even a small tattoo can show to others that a person isn’t afraid to take a walk on the wild side now and again. To many, it’s a beautiful form of self-expression, and many others dig it when the opposite sex has tattoos because it shows that they can handle a little bit of pain.

Some see women or men with tattoos completely covering their bodies and think ahead in life, choosing to believe that while they make look good now, they’ll be extremely unattractive later in life. Some people have the mistaken viewpoint that all who go under the needle are lusting for attention, which obviously isn’t true, as many people get tattoos with private meanings simply to remind themselves of another person or time. However, tattoos as sexy seems to becoming very mainstream, very fast, and many people feel pressured to get a tattoo to be seen as laid back and attractive. Whether a person sees tattoos as increasing sex appeal or not, it’s always important to consider long term affects, and whether you are really getting your art for the right reasons.