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Romantic Tattoo For David Beckham This Marriage Anniversary

David Beckham is known to lavishly spend on his marriage anniversaries to make the day really special for Victoria. In one such event he flew her to place unknown in a private jet filled with rose petals. This year to celebrate their 14th wedding anniversary, he is again planning to do something special and wants this anniversary to be the best so far. He is planning to get a tattoo dedicated to his wife. Did you know that David already has an impressive collection of tattoos on his body?

The couple together has four children – 3 sons and a daughter who is the youngest. However, they are not thinking of ruling out the possibility of adding more to their family.

Even though both Victoria and David is a busy couple with their own businesses to look after, they make time for each other. Wherever they go together, they try to enjoy as many romantic dates as possible. Recently they visited China where Victoria had to promote her new fashion line. This was one of those rare trips where their children didn’t accompany them, and so they had plenty of dates and romantic dinners.

david and victoria

Has Kristen Stewart Got A Tattoo After Breaking Up With Rob?

It seems Kristen Stewart is making impulsive decisions. After she broke up with Robert Pattinson, she was seen sporting a few tattoos on her body. She was flashing her secret tattoos on July 2 when she was coming out of Le Costes restaurant in Paris. These mysterious tattoos include a small infinity symbol on her right wrist and four short, straight lines on her left wrist.

While it is difficult to speculate why she had infinity tattoo on her right wrist, media is speculating that the four lines on the left wrist was the logo of the 70’s punk music band Black Flag, which highlighted the feelings of poverty, fear and social loneliness. Probably Stewart is also identifying similar feelings post breakup with Rob.

She got herself tattooed at Pride & Glory Tattoo Parlor in Nashville, Tenn. She wanted a minimalistic approach to the designs.

Whatever are her reasons to get the body art, it sure looks cool. She is moving on!


“Zombie Boy” – The Tattooed Star!

He’s a model, artist, and living work of art. He speaks out against bullying and in favor of being different. He’s Rick Genest, aka Zombie Boy, and he is so much more than just his appearance. Although his full-body tattoos that give him the appearance of a skeleton or zombie certainly get him a lot of attention, he was discovered by Nicola Formichetti of Thierry Mugler, and was instantly her muse. He has expanded his career from runway modeling to being a spokesperson for Derma Blend makeup and their message of looking beyond one’s cover. He acts in movies, such as 47Ronin, and is currently the face of Rocaware Europe. He seems unstoppable.

Why is he so well loved in a world where people with facial tattoos and full-body tattoos, while becoming more accepted, are still faced with discrimination and judgment? He is a living symbol of not judging a book by a cover, and how a person can overcome judgment, bullying, and obstacles to make a dream life for themselves, if they’ll only work hard enough and keep their heart open to it. While he still deals with the occasional person who, when he holds a door open for them, will go out of their way to use the farthest door possible, he is living to what many seems like the dream, and using his platform to spread good cheer and messages.