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Bad Tattoo Cover-up

Whether it’s a tattoo of an ex lover’s name, or a first tattoo that didn’t turn out quite as expected, many tattoo lovers feel the urge to cover up a tattoo at some point in their lives. Many people don’t like admitting that their tattoo is a mistake, but they don’t need to suffer through continuous attention to and questions about the tattoo. There are a number of ways to cover up an unwanted tattoo without having to go through the rigorous and expensive process of laser tattoo removal.

Tattoo concealers, such as Dermablend, work nicely if you only wish to cover up a tattoo temporarily. While it may add a little extra time getting ready in the morning, it can provide a near-perfect plain skin appearance to the area for the time that you wish to appear not to have the tattoo. The option that most people go with for covering a tattoo permanently is getting a cover up tattoo. Cover up tattoos work best when the shape of the original tattoo is taken into account when determining the size, shape, and image of the new tattoo. High contrast, bold colors can also be helpful in drawing the eye away from, and in disguising, the original tattoo.