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More and More Mommas Are Getting Tattoos

The tattoo industry is the sixth largest industry growing in the country, and a surprising demographic seems to be fueling that growth more than ever before- the soccer mom. As tattoos are getting accepted in American society, more and more mothers are feeling comfortable going under the needle and getting some serious artwork. Whether it is as a reminder that they are “more than the legos they pick up and the lunches they pack” – doing something simply for herself can be a great boost to a mother’s self image.

Not only are more mothers deciding to get tattoos, the result is that tattoos are becoming less and less a sign of a stereotypical drunken night, bad decision, or criminal. Tattoos, by the way of the average woman embracing them more than ever, are becoming more widely accepted as the true artwork they are. To make the average, yet a little bit hesitant woman feel more comfortable in getting a tattoo, studios are putting up beautiful artwork on walls, giving tats by appointment only, and giving off the overall ambience of a health spa. The entire industry seems to be getting a facelift, and a much better image among all of society – including the soccer moms.

Has Kristen Stewart Got A Tattoo After Breaking Up With Rob?

It seems Kristen Stewart is making impulsive decisions. After she broke up with Robert Pattinson, she was seen sporting a few tattoos on her body. She was flashing her secret tattoos on July 2 when she was coming out of Le Costes restaurant in Paris. These mysterious tattoos include a small infinity symbol on her right wrist and four short, straight lines on her left wrist.

While it is difficult to speculate why she had infinity tattoo on her right wrist, media is speculating that the four lines on the left wrist was the logo of the 70’s punk music band Black Flag, which highlighted the feelings of poverty, fear and social loneliness. Probably Stewart is also identifying similar feelings post breakup with Rob.

She got herself tattooed at Pride & Glory Tattoo Parlor in Nashville, Tenn. She wanted a minimalistic approach to the designs.

Whatever are her reasons to get the body art, it sure looks cool. She is moving on!


“Bodies of Subversion” – A History Of Women With Tattoos

Bodies of Subversion

Janis Joplin was one of the first American celebrities who openly flaunted her Florentine bracelet tattoo on her left wrist. She had a heart tattooed on her chest. Well, in those times tattoos were quite rare and either they were looked up with disgust or complemented for their beauty. However, in the modern times tattoos have become so common that nearly everyone you meet has one. Instead of using ink on the paper, people are using it more on their bodies!

Tattooing has predominantly been a male fixation, for most history. You would see men flaunting their swaggers, daggers, or anchors. The new edition of “Body of Subversion” written by Ms. Mifflin points out the fact that according to a survey in 2012, more American women wanted to get tattooed as compared to men. Almost 23% women have tattoos in contrast to 19% men. Tattoos are no longer a sign of rebellion, it’s more of a fashion choice.

“Body of Subversion” includes some stunning colored photographs of women with tattoos. It follows some interesting social history. Tattoos were very fashionable amongst the upper class in Europe in the late 19th century. This fashion spread to America and there was a point when almost 75% of socially active American women had tattoos. The book goes on to delve into the emotions and changes in tattoo preferences by women over the years.