Tattoo Removal Makes Advancements

As tattoos become more and more popular, so are tattoo removal processes, such as laser tattoo removal and topical treatments to lighten tattoos. While most people love their ink when they first get it, sometimes tattoo removal can be a fresh start for them as they age and as circumstances in their lives change. Sometimes people get tattoos of names or to commemorate events that they later wish they’d never been familiar with. While tattoo removal cannot diminish memories or actual events, sometimes people find it comforting, and even refreshing, to be rid of a tattoo that has been serving as a painful reminder of that person or event day in and day out

Tattoo removal has always been an expensive route to take, forcing many people into just living with regret for their ink without being able to do anything about it. However, new advancements in tattoo removal are making things easier for many. Laser tattoo removal has really made some great advancements in recent years, making it easier to remove multi-color tattoos; in the past colors such as red and green have posed a much larger challenge in removal than they do now with lasers like the Q-switched Nd:YAG laser.

Tattoo Aftercare Tips

Tattoo aftercare can sometimes be confusing. However, if you do not follow proper tattoo aftercare you risk infections, and damage to your new tattoo. Your artist is not responsible for infections or discolorations caused by improper tattoo aftercare on your part. It is your responsibility to keep your tattoo clean and make sure that it heals properly. This can be a bit overwhelming when you consider that, these days, it seems that every tattoo artists tells their clients something different.

Some key tips that never vary are to leave the bandage that your artist places on the tattoo for at least two hours. The purpose is to prevent air-borne bacteria from invading your new ink. To keep the tattoo clean, it should be washed with a gentle antibacterial, or antimicrobial soap- generic brands actually tend to be gentler for this. Your hand is your best tool for the job. Gently wash away any slimy texture, as that is most likely plasma, which will dry and form scabs over your tattoo. The tat should be gently dried with a clean paper towel, whatever ointment recommended by your artist can then be applied in a very thin layer. Ointment that is too thick can smother the tattoo.

It is important not to soak your tattoo, although showers are fine, and to protect it from direct sunlight. If you use lotion to keep the skin soft, use one that is fragrance and dye free to avoid irritation. It is absolutely vital that you do not pick at any scabbing and peeling- doing so can cause permanent damage to your art.

“Skinvertising” – Super or Stupid?

“Skinvertising” is a common slang term for selling space on one’s skin for money. Some people desperate for money have been allowing businesses to purchase “real estate” on their skin for large monetary fees. Most people wouldn’t dream of doing such a thing. Many consider it humiliating, or to be giving up one’s sense of self and individuality- becoming a literal sellout, in a sense. However, those who partake in “Skinvertising” have their reasons, and many see the act as a quick way out of financial troubles and into fast cash. One man, known as the “human billboard” has been living his life with logos for previously popular porn websites on his face and body for years. One woman was desperate enough to give her young son a private school education that she got tattooed across her forehead in bold black letters for only $10,000. It is slightly less extreme, but another man from southern California created an ad campaign on YouTube called “Ad Me” using airbrushed logos on his face and neck. His goal was to solicit buyers to purchase space on his body to finish paying for his education.

Many wouldn’t dream of using their bodies in such a way. However, there are people out there desperate enough to do it. It is highly uncommon for large brands to purchase space on sellers’ skin because they fear the negative backlash that such an action would receive; many consider companies that purchase “Skinvertising” space on those willing to sell it cruel, and to be taking advantage of these peoples’ struggles. While “Skinvertising” doesn’t seem to be getting any more popular, it doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon, either.

More and More Mommas Are Getting Tattoos

The tattoo industry is the sixth largest industry growing in the country, and a surprising demographic seems to be fueling that growth more than ever before- the soccer mom. As tattoos are getting accepted in American society, more and more mothers are feeling comfortable going under the needle and getting some serious artwork. Whether it is as a reminder that they are “more than the legos they pick up and the lunches they pack” – doing something simply for herself can be a great boost to a mother’s self image.

Not only are more mothers deciding to get tattoos, the result is that tattoos are becoming less and less a sign of a stereotypical drunken night, bad decision, or criminal. Tattoos, by the way of the average woman embracing them more than ever, are becoming more widely accepted as the true artwork they are. To make the average, yet a little bit hesitant woman feel more comfortable in getting a tattoo, studios are putting up beautiful artwork on walls, giving tats by appointment only, and giving off the overall ambience of a health spa. The entire industry seems to be getting a facelift, and a much better image among all of society – including the soccer moms.

Modeling with Tattoos

While girls with tattoos aren’t always the first to get hired for a shoot, the niche is actually growing. Many tattoo magazines don’t yet accept girls with tattoos for shoots such as fashion editorials. “Tattoo models” are becoming more and more famous in their own right. For example, look at the Suicide Girls- they are featured on a rapidly growing website, and get paid to show off their tattoos in both sexy and creative ways. As tattoos are seen less and less as taboo, and more and more as “sexy”, any aspiring model with tattoos (that would like to openly model for them) should really keep her eyes peeled to make certain that opportunities are reputable. Showing off the art, and her skills, is not like just showing off her body.

If you have tattoos, but want to be more of a commercial or fashion model, it’s not impossible to do. The best thing to do is be up front to agents about your tattoos, and to know how to effectively cover them for when they aren’t suited to a certain shoot.  This can be done with various makeups and techniques; you just need to take the time to learn what works best for your tat and skin tone. As long as the tattoos aren’t going to interfere with the shots they need, most agencies won’t completely pass up a girl because of them. However, if this is the side of modeling you truly aspiring for, it’s not exactly ideal to go getting more of them- if you do, make sure you clear it with your agency first.

Is Tattoo Addiction a Reality?

While tattoo addiction has never been fully researched, or proven to be a real medical condition, millions of people around the world cite it as the reason they are inked all over. Among most tattoo lovers, there is no real debate about the fact that once a person gets their first tattoo, they seem almost guaranteed to get another. In fact, 32% of people who have tattoos claim they are addicted to the ink, according to If people can be addicted to sugar, drugs, alcohol, pain, adrenaline, the internet, playing video games, gambling, fast food, and shopping, it stands to reason that they could be addicted to tattoos as well.

What is it that keeps people coming back for more tattoos even though the process is undeniably painful, expensive, and time consuming? Some say they are addicted to the feeling they get while the tattoo is being done; some have even gone so far as to compare it to therapy. Meanwhile others consider themselves “collectors” of body art, and are addicted to growing the assortment of artwork on their bodies. Tattoo enthusiasts often say they enjoy the adrenaline, the “rush”, of getting the tattoo.

Inner Lip Tattoos

Inner lip tattoos are becoming more and more popular, not only with celebrities, but with the everyday person as well. They are the perfect place to get a tattoo that is discreet, especially if the phrase or image is extremely personal to you. However, simple designs suck as hearts and smiles tend to be extremely popular. An inner lip tattoo, although small, will typically cost more, because the mouth is one of the hardest places to tattoo. In addition, inner lip tattoos tend to fade within a year or two, and require touch ups if you want them to keep looking their best; because of this, some people consider the small image, that will rarely be seen, to not be worth the costs.

Inner lip tattoos tend to heal more quickly than other tattoos, but they are also at a higher risk for infections. You may face difficulty with activities such as brushing your teeth or eating with utensils without pain after getting one. Everyone has his or her own personal pain tolerance level. However, overall most people agree that the inner lip is one of the most painful areas to get a tattoo. This is sometimes balanced out, though, by how quickly one can be done, as large, intricate designs obviously don’t work well for the inner lip.

Fingernail and Nail Bed Tattoos

Fingernail Tattoos are known as the only true temporary tattoo, and also as the only truly painless tattoos. They eventually disappear as your nails grow out and are trimmed, and it’s hard to find a tattoo artist that will actually do them. The process is fast, and all the client feels is a vibrating sensation. Afterwards, the finger is rinsed and a clear coat of polish is placed over the nail. They are typically inexpensive, as they are small and quick to do. Fingernail tattoos can be for you if you are looking for a temporary thrill and a tattoo that you don’t have to keep forever.

Nail bed tattoos are typically called “finger nail tattoos” but they are different. They are usually done when someone has accidentally damaged and lost a fingernail or toe nail, and they are considered some of the most extremely painful tattoos you can get. They are permanent, and the appearance once the nail grows back is a bit distorted as is seen through the nail, but overall pretty interesting. Like with a fingernail tattoo, it may be difficult to find a tattoo artist willing to do the job. They are one of the most unique forms of tattoos, and pretty uncommon. Aftercare may be a bit different than that of an ordinary tattoo as the exposed nail bed area can be extremely sensitive; specifics of this should be discussed thoroughly with the artist.

Facial Tattoos Becoming Popular?

While body tattoos are continuously becoming more accepted and popular around the world. A fierce debate about facial tattoos rages on. Ever since a young woman in Russia, named Lesya, allowed her boyfriend of one day to tattoo his name across her the width of her face in 5 inch letters in gothic script, things have gotten even more heated. She says it’s all for love, and a “symbol of their eternal devotion”. Others have called it a travesty. After this event hit headlines, questions about whether facial tattoos are becoming popular and why people get facial tattoos began popping up all over the Internet.

Some say that getting a facial tattoo is the boldest and most ideal way to make an individual statement to the world. Someone who gets a facial tattoo may even consider it a platform for speaking out about not judging people for their appearances, as “Zombie Boy” does. For others, facial tattoos have religious significance, such as tribal or Celtic facial tattoos. People also occasionally make the mistake of deciding on a facial tattoo while intoxicated make a decision that can be completely life altering.

Bad Tattoo Cover-up

Whether it’s a tattoo of an ex lover’s name, or a first tattoo that didn’t turn out quite as expected, many tattoo lovers feel the urge to cover up a tattoo at some point in their lives. Many people don’t like admitting that their tattoo is a mistake, but they don’t need to suffer through continuous attention to and questions about the tattoo. There are a number of ways to cover up an unwanted tattoo without having to go through the rigorous and expensive process of laser tattoo removal.

Tattoo concealers, such as Dermablend, work nicely if you only wish to cover up a tattoo temporarily. While it may add a little extra time getting ready in the morning, it can provide a near-perfect plain skin appearance to the area for the time that you wish to appear not to have the tattoo. The option that most people go with for covering a tattoo permanently is getting a cover up tattoo. Cover up tattoos work best when the shape of the original tattoo is taken into account when determining the size, shape, and image of the new tattoo. High contrast, bold colors can also be helpful in drawing the eye away from, and in disguising, the original tattoo.